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Naturalist, artist, and educator, Dr. Heather Hinam is the driving force behind Second Nature, Adventures in Discovery.

A born and raised Manitoban, Heather is passionate about stewarding, and sharing, the wonders of the natural world. She has also cultivated rich relationships with many of the diverse people who also call Manitoba their home, from artisan bakers to guest house and hotel proprietors, and local trades folk, working with them to build Manitoba’s tourism capacity.

She combines a Ph.D. in ecology with over 20 years of experience as a nature and heritage interpreter, and as an award-winning artist and photographer. Additionally, Heather’s extensive training in experiential tourism allows Second Nature to help you share with new visitors the people, places, phenomena, and festivals, that make your region or centre special.


Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year - Home Enterprise

Sustainable Tourism - Manitoba Tourism Awards

Sustainable Tourism - Interlake Tourism Awards (Manitoba)


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Guild of Natural Science Illustrators