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It has been an amazing adventure so far.

What started out an a tour company back in 2011 has evolved dramatically in the last seven years. Second Nature has now become a full-service interpretation company, helping people share their stories all over Manitoba and beyond. While tours do still happen, we now focus our efforts more behind the scenes. We develop interpretive plans, create signage and other interpretive media for everyone from individual scientists looking to share their research with a wider audience to entire cities who want to enhance the experience and instill a sense of stewardship in both their residents and visitors. We've helped film companies create compelling documentaries and even created an entire ebook so scientists could share their important climate change research with the world.

Each year is a new adventure, with new challenges and amazing clients bringing fun and engaging projects to the table. If that next client is you, we would be honoured to help you shape, refine and bring your story to life.